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Corporate Real Estate Risk Managment

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  • 17/09/2019
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Corporate Real Estate Risk Managment

During the last two decades, corporate real estate managers have gained a greater understanding of real estates and associated facilities that support their organizations. They have developed tools to assist them with managing the work places and performance measures. Corporate real estate managers need to understand the core business in depth.

Corporate real estate risk management is the ultimate task that the managers should understood and give utmost importance. There are three general categories of risk associated with corporate real estate: financial risk, property market risk and business risk.

Financial risk:

The financial risks are both direct and indirect. In this element of risk the focus relates to the impact of real estate on both the income statement and the balance sheet. There is an impact on financial ratios or credit rating due to the accounting treatment of long term lease hold obligations.

Property market risk:

In this element the corporate real estate investors are often in a situation where down turns in their own market that leads to the business contraction occurs. The secondary effect is the consumption of part of the firm’s credit capacity in guaranteeing the sublease.

 Business risks:

This type of risk is linked back to the business. If an organization is either unable to function or function inefficiently, then there is a risk in financial loss because of lower business revenues and increased costs. On the other hand, there are some subtle risks as failure of air conditions, halting work temporarily or enable to acquire sufficient space.

In each of these cases the ultimate impact is on the business either in terms of the sales, costs or productivity.

All these three risks need to be reviewed in order to get succeed in the corporate real estate and to increase your assets.



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